Quality Bakery Treats From City Baking

City Baking was founded with the belief that bakery products are best when made by real bakers. That's why our bakery products taste so good! Fernando Lopez learned the trade early in life, at the hands of his father in Columbia, South America. He honed his skills as a pastry chef for Eli Zabar. Barry Blaine has spent the last twenty years making gourmet bakery desserts that are second to none.

Bakers by trade, Fernando and Barry, know that the best baked goods are made so irresistible with only the finest ingredients. City Baking makes every one of their gourmet goodies fresh with top quality sweet butter, whole eggs and premium ingredients. No additives or preservatives are used so every bite of City Baking brownies, cakes and cookies delivers on superior taste!

You'll love the flavor, freshness and variety of City Baking bakery products. Call us today or order
on-line. 718-392-8514.


Quality Bakery Treats from City Baking