Gourmet Bars

Bars – a favorite for everyone. Bars are perfect gourmet treat for any occasion from dessert to a afternoon meeting snack. We have created many different bars to satisfy anyone’s cravings – from chocolate to fruit fillings. You’ll have to try them all.

Apricot Bar: Shortbread, apricot filled and chocolate lattice patchwork - delicious.

Raspberry Bar: Shortbread filled with raspberry jam and topped crumbs

Lemon Bar: Shortbread with a tart lemon filling coated with powdered sugar

Pecan Bar: Shortbread layered beneath pecans

Magic Bar: Shortbread topped with coconut, chocolate chunks, walnuts and white chocolate pieces

Carrot Cream Cheese Bar: Carrot cake topped with cream cheese and walnuts

Banana Chocolate Bar: Moist banana cake, chocolate topping with banana chips and a chocolate swirl – Go Bananas!

Rice Krispie Bar: Need we say more?

Lemon Crumb Bar: A zesty lemon bar with a delicious crumb topping. A gourmet treat. Perfect for catering!

Red Velvet Bar: Deliciously rich and moist, our Red Velvet Bar is topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting.

* Seasonal
** Certified by Celiac Sprue